Experienced interpreters complying with a strict professional code of conduct are a decisive factor in ensuring that your meeting is a success. Choosing the right provider of conference services will guarantee that you work with real professionals.

To help you determine your interpretation requirements we need the following information :

  • date of the meeting
  • venue for the meeting
  • nature of the meeting
  • subject of the meeting, provisional programme
    (session times, breaks)
  • maximum number of parallel sessions requiring interpretation
  • intended conference languages
  • envisaged mode of interpretation (advice available on request)
  • approximate number of participants.

After determining your specific needs, we propose one or several teams of professional, experienced conference interpreters who are hand-picked for their suitability for your event.

As conference interpreting calls for absolute, sustained concentration, an interpreter works for a maximum of 40 minutes at a time. To ensure consistently high-quality performance, interpreters therefore normally work in teams of two or three. The team strength (number of interpreters per team) depends on the complexity of the subject matter and the duration of the event.

Speakers should be informed that their presentations will be interpreted. This spares speakers having to read out a prepared text written in a language which is not their own.

Speakers should also be requested to submit speech notes or presentations in advance so that we can distribute these to the interpreters as preparation material.

Our service package also includes written translations of documents required for your conference, e.g. invitations, presentations, questionnaires, minutes.

We liaise between you as event organizer and your team(s) of interpreters, shouldering responsibility for all contact with the interpreters prior to and during the event, including handling the recruitment contracts and payments, disseminating the conference documentation required by the interpreters as preparation for your meeting, and managing the interpretation implications of any last-minute changes to your meeting schedule.

If you need conference communication equipment, we would be pleased to put you in touch with competent, reliable companies with whom we have worked successfully for many years.

We as interpretation consultants and all interpreters accepting assignments from us undertake to observe strict confidentiality regarding all information provided by you or obtained during the course of the proceedings.